Embassy of Vietnam displayed the famous exotic lychees from Hai Duong Province, at this year’s ASEAN Food Fest held at LuLu Hypermarket.

The storied specialty Hai Duong lychee is said to have been planted in Thuy Lam village, Thanh Son commune nearly 200 years ago. Legend has it, the lychee tree was planted by one Hoang Van Com at the end of the 19th century. In his youth, Hoang Van Com specialized in trading fruits and vegetables from Hai Duong to Hai Phong. In 1870, during a party with visiting Chinese in Hai Phong, he ate a very delicious lychee, so he brought back three seeds to plant in his garden.

Due to the soil and climate in Thanh Ha, Hai Duong being suitable for lychee, all three litchi seeds sprouted into trees. Among those three litchi trees, there was one tree bearing fruit with an especially delicious flavor superior to the other two, which Hoang Van Com named as Thieu lychee. From that precious litchi tree, Hoang Van Com extracted the branches, propagated them, and planted them in his garden, and gave them to relatives inside and outside the commune for planting.

According to the media reports from Hai Duong, every year the lychee tree is full of fruit, which has a redder skin than other trees. And although the fruit is small, the pulp is very thick and juicy, and the lychee is very firm and sweet. The sweetness is rich, delicious and lingers on the tip of the tongue.

Ameii company in Vietnam is one of the leaders in cultivation of lychee in the standard regions, as well as in Hai Duong and Bac Giang provinces with a total area of thousands of hectares under lychee cultivation. The entire planting area of Ameii meets Global GAP standards and Ameii can supply tens of thousands of tons of high-quality lychee to the most demanding markets around the world.

Ameii is equipped with a complete sterilization chamber system with Methyl Bromide chemicals that meets the standards to supply the most demanding markets. In addition, The factory also meets HACCP standards and food hygiene and safety certification to ensure the production process for the best product quality for supply and export in the domestic market and many other countries around the world.

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