The Vietnamese ambassador to Kuwait, H.E Ngo Tuan Thang, expressed his country’s aspiration to sign a work agreement with Kuwait, to facilitate the recruitment of Vietnamese workers.

Thang was speaking in the presence of a number of ambassadors, accredited diplomats and media representatives on the sidelines of a ceremony held by his country’s embassy to bid farewell to First Secretary and Head of the Political Department Nguyen Thanh Duc on the occasion of the end of his tenure.

He said the Vietnamese working in Kuwait are involved in construction and the oil field work. Kuwait needs skilled manpower from Vietnam in general and from Asia in particular.

He pointed to the celebration of Vietnam and Kuwait this year, the 46th anniversary of the start of bilateral relations between both countries, and pointed out that “the volume of trade exchange during 2021 amounted to 5 billion dollars.

“We import oil from Kuwait, and it imports fabrics and fruits from us, specifically coconuts, leechee and spices. We are optimistic about the expansion of trade volume between our two countries and look forward to bringing more Vietnamese products to Kuwait,” he said.

Regarding the number of Kuwaitis visiting his country, the ambassador explained that “after removing all obstacles and medical procedures related to Corona, the number of Kuwaitis wishing to visit Hanoi began to increase, and the embassy issued during the past three months about 30 visas, and we look forward to increasing this number in the coming months.”

He revealed that “a big delegation comprising about 15 businessmen representing various commercial fields will visit Kuwait next September,” expressing his country’s readiness to meet Kuwait’s needs in the issue of food security that the world suffers from due to the Russian war in Ukraine.

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