In an unexpected turn of events, the main canal of Venice has undergone a transformation, as the water near the iconic Rialto Bridge has taken on a striking bright green hue. The local fire brigade has reported the unusual phenomenon, prompting authorities to launch an investigation into its cause, reports Al-Rai Daily.

The governor of Venice called for an emergency meeting of the police force, aiming to understand the circumstances behind this incident and explore potential measures to address it. Unlike previous instances where environmental groups were responsible for coloring monuments as a form of protest, no such claim has been made regarding the sudden green hue of the canal.

Environmental groups in Italy have recently resorted to unconventional methods, such as using charcoal to turn the water of Rome’s Trevi Fountain black, as a demonstration against the use of fossil fuels. However, this latest occurrence in Venice appears to be unrelated to any organized environmental activism.

Initial speculation suggests that natural reactions between the water and certain minerals or substances present in the vicinity could be responsible for the vibrant transformation. However, further scientific analysis is required to definitively establish the cause and determine any potential risks to human health or the environment.

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