The Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Traffic and Operations Affairs Major General Jamal Al Sayegh said that the General Traffic Department will soon issue, in cooperation and coordination with the General Department of Information Systems, the car ownership document “online”, after it is linked with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and insurance companies.

Al-Sayegh told a local Arabic daily this procedure will allow the vehicle owner to enter the main screen and choose the insurance company and the type of document to issue the document, explaining that if the vehicle does not need a technical examination; The ownership book will be issued immediately, but if it is needed, the owner will be notified through the system to review the inspection department to conduct it, and in case the inspection is exceeded, the license will be issued immediately after paying the assigned fees.

He pointed out that the GTD is currently working on registering the ownership book on smart phone devices through the “My Identity” application, as was done with the driving licenses currently available on this application.

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