Coronavirus vaccination does not break the fast for those who fast in Ramadan or those who fast voluntarily because it does not take the place of food, nor is it a drink but a medicine, and this medicine does not enter the stomach, and therefore it is permissible, Professor at the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, Dr. Bassam Al-Shatti, confirmed in a statement to Arabic daily Al-Rai

Dr Al Shatti, who is a member of the Fatwa Committee at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs told the paper that the vaccine does not reach the stomach, either directly or indirectly, and this had no effect on fasting.

Expressing a similar opinion, a member of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, Prof. Dr. Rashid Al-Alimi, also confirmed to Al-Rai that vaccination against the Corona virus does not break the fast because it does not reach the stomach, and vaccination is a medicine and treatment and is not considered a feeding needle.

Whereas the  head of the scientific committee of the Society for the Revival of Islamic Heritage, Dr. Muhammad Al-Hamoud Al-Najdi, told Al-Rai that the needles for vaccination as well as vaccination needles have no affect on the health of those fasting.

He added that even swabbing from the nose does not affect fasting if nothing reaches the cavity. The ruling is like rinsing the mouth and sniffing.

The paper interviewed a number of qualified persons who unanimously agreed that there was absolutely nothing to worry about as taking the vaccination would not be breaking the fast in any way

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