By Hermoine Macura-Noble
Special to The Times Kuwait

Art has the power to inspire us, break down cultural and social barriers and raise awareness. It’s with this in mind that Art be a Part Founder, Medha Nanda says her newly-formed artist’s community, which stages its first fundraising event in Dubai tomorrow, is being welcomed as a unique platform to draw support for humanitarian causes.

Proceeds from the auction of artwork, contributed by artists and photographers from around the world, will be directed to Dubai Cares and UNICEF India to help the most vulnerable in need. Artist and philanthropist Nanda says her passion to support humanitarian initiatives, particularly those providing aid for vulnerable children in India, has been matched by an overwhelming response to her plans.


“It’s been heartening to see so many people coming forward who want to help and be part of what we’re doing,” she said. We’re meeting people who say they’ve been looking for the right space to do this, and we’re pleased to provide that.”

Saturday’s auction at the Taj Dubai features two panel discussions, including one on ‘The Arts as a Medium for Awareness and Social Impact.’ The artwork for the auction has been contributed by artists such as Russian-born Natalia Kapchuk, renowned Italian contemporary artist Pablo Dana, and Hollywood actor and musician, Luke Goss who has donated two strikingly moving artworks. Together valued at $100,000, two serigraphs from Goss’s original paintings, ‘Talitha’ and ‘Journey’, are among the works expected to create the most interest. Born in London and living in Los Angeles, Goss is best known as one half of the multi-platinum British band, “Bros” and also starring in Hollywood blockbusters such as Hellboy II, Tekken and Blade. Other exciting pieces up for auction include artworks by Mr Bolshy – a modern-day, mix-media artist with a fast-paced style of exciting themes focused on the representation of the urban landscape. Bolshy fuses his graffiti along with traditional paint methods, such as screen-printing, on saturated backgrounds of bright and eye-popping colours. His paintings encompass multi-layered metaphors of social views while toying with ego and inner spirit.


Earlier this week, Nanda also staged a highly successful Art be a Part launch event in New Delhi, where she also took part in a UNICEF India field visit which she described as “humbling and eye opening.” As an avid philanthropist, Nanda took the time to truly understand how the much needed funds from her event will change lives for decades to come. Looking into the eyes of the many children she came across reminded her of how important it is to put love in action and how we all can make a difference.

Looking to inspire the Gulf with his stunning sculptures Emirati artist, Jamal Habroush Al Suwaidi. Al Suwaidi’s Love series ranks among the artist’s most fascinating and iconic work, displaying elements that are contrasting, such as the choice of color, and unifying, like the use of letters, to create the delicately positioned, two or three-pronged form.

Al Suwaidi explained that the idea for the Love series first came to him in 2013, when he was traveling through the desert on a photographic expedition and spotted two Al Ghaf trees that were isolated, yet simultaneously a duo, seemingly providing each other with companionship and support. “I was inspired by the simplicity of nature in the desert,” he explained. “It occurred to me that love can be found throughout the universe and travels by true feelings.”

The series is based on the signature Al Suwaidi is well known for, both for its hallmark use of calligraphic elements and the way in which the Emirati artist looks to the natural landscape of his birthplace for inspiration.


In each work, Al Suwaidi explores the theme of love from a different perspective, using a variety of colors and geometry shapes to narrate his story.  Al Suwaidi says he chose his colors or combination of hues to add another layer to the works.

Love Red, which is currently in the permanent collection of Dubai International Airport, emits warmth, passion and intensity, while Love Blue has a slightly more restrained, refined aura around it. Love Dancing Purple, meanwhile, exudes dynamism and movement, the two components in perfect harmony with each other, while Love Sitting, as expected, depicts them seated, in camaraderie. Significantly, the artist changes his approach with Love Multicolour, which features one component in pale blue and the second in red, held together with a yellow join, to depict the many forms and hues that love can take, and its complexities.

Whether it’s to inspire more people to believe in the common thread that unites us or to raise funds for noble causes across the world – 2022 has seen a remarkable emergence of artists and organizations striving to bring healing to the world via their masterpieces of creativity and beauty.

Hermoine Macura-Noble
The first Australian English speaking News Anchor in the Middle East. She is also the Author of Faces of the Middle East and Founder of US-based 501c3 charity – The House of Rest which helps to ease the suffering of victims of war. For more from our Contributing Editor, you can follow her on Instagram, here.

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