Organon, in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy organized an event to discuss the need for greater investments in women’s health.

Participants included Dr. Souad Abul, Director of Medical Licensing, Ministry of Health; Ms. Raja Anani, Section Head at the Directorate of Women and Children Affairs, Ministry of Women & Children’s Affairs; Dr. Amal Khedr, Head of Kuwait Obs/Gyn Society; Dr. Dina AlDhubaib, Head of Primary Care at Kuwait’s Ministry of Health; and Ahmed Lasheen,
Organon Kuwait, Bahrain & Qatar Country Lead.

Chargé d’Affaires Jim Holtsnider stated that improving women’s health and supporting greater gender equity is vital to healthy and thriving societies. This is not possible without increasing investments in the field of women’s health. By hosting this roundtable with Organon and the Ministry of Health, and in the presence of Kuwaiti government ministers, with awareness and solutions to close the existing gaps in women’s healthcare.

Then, the participants shared valuable insights, including innovation, the need for additional investments, and expanding the focus beyond reproductive health.

Organon has launched the InCharge Initiative in Kuwait. InCharge aims to empower healthcare practitioners and patients with the knowledge and tools to advance women’s health and well-being by facilitating knowledge sharing, expert guidance, and networking opportunities.

The InCharge initiative includes a series of online, face-to-face, and hybrid events, including workshops, seminars, and educational materials with a focus on issues that disproportionately impact women at every stage of life.

The initiative will address topics including uterine bleeding, atopic dermatitis, family
planning, asthma, osteoporosis, polycystic syndrome, and more.

“At Organon, we believe that improving women’s health is a global issue that requires more significant attention and resources. Unfortunately, there is underinvestment in this sector, and we are committed to changing this. We look forward to working with our partners and stakeholders to advance women’s health and well-being in Kuwait and beyond,” stated by Ahmed Lasheen, Organon’s Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar Country Lead.

Organon is also helping raise women’s health on the public agenda through its International Women’s Day initiative. Launched last year and now an annual event, Organon gives all staff a day off on March 8. Through this initiative, Organon wants to ensure women have sufficient time to attend to their health.

“We must recognize that women are vital to healthy, resilient, and thriving families and
communities,” Lasheen concluded.

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