Starting from the 1st of August 2023, all the healthcare facilities within the Gulf Insurance Group medical network or those willing to join it, must obtain a special health accreditation, issued by one of the authorised international institutions. There is an 18-month grace period to accomplish the task. Otherwise, the healthcare provider will be excluded from the Gulf Insurance Group medical network.

For the last decade, only hospitals providing acute services, have gained much experience in the abovementioned accreditation process. Thus, smaller clinics, labs and pharmacies might take the upcoming mandatory health accreditation as a huge challenge. What is more, it is going to be a race against time, since the accreditation certificate must be obtained before January 31, 2025.

Nevertheless, there is good news for the medical service providers under the Gulf Insurance Group umbrella. One of the leading accreditation providers in Kuwait, being represented in the market for more than 15 years, has been preparing for the upcoming mandatory accreditation for the past 6 months! This company is Accreditation Canada, one of the renowned authorized providers of accreditation for the Gulf Insurance Group network. Here are 5 tips to succeed the health accreditation with Accreditation Canada:

1. focus on the weak points that might fail the accreditation
2. foresee the toughest stages of the accreditation journey
3. study in detail all the criteria and conditions
4. plan the budget and accreditation expenses
5. find an adviser to optimize the accreditation process

One of the biggest privileges of cooperating with the Accreditation Canada is that it is the only authorized accreditation provider with an official representative residing in Kuwait. Due to this fact, communication is rapid, easy (no time differences) and therefore, highly effective. Having similar accreditation experience in other countries, Accreditation Canada experts are ready to share their experience, guide and support in every single nuance of the accreditation process.

In this regard, Accreditation Canada is going to hold online webinars and offline workshops to fully support newcomers and get them ready for the accreditation. Furthermore, there is a special tailor-made price policy for the GIG network members, that will significantly ease the financial load on the healthcare providers.

Accreditation Canada representative in Kuwait can be reached via instagram (, email or LinkedIn (Olga Melnyk, AC official representative in Kuwait).

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