The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Food Union, Abdullah Al-Baijan has submitted a proposal to the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Oil, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and Chairman of the Committee for Strengthening the Food Security System, Dr. Muhammad Al-Faris to reopen the land line between Kuwait and Turkey.

He also said continuing with the decision to fix prices will lead to reluctance from food importers to bring in foodstuffs. He also said clearing and handling fees must be reconsidered to ease the burden on food importers.

Meanwhile, the union has called for the need to expedite work in Plot 4 in the Sabhan Industrial Area and the completion of the infrastructure, in addition to working to amend the vertical construction system for the three-storey food factories, instead of the ground floor and the mezzanine, while at the same time stressing on the necessity of licensing workers’ housing in food factories, and bottled drinking water factories.

He also called for the necessity of activating the decision to withdraw unused food industrial and the need to establish storage areas in the country.

He pointed to the necessity of applying the virtual examination of food consignments that have been tested in the laboratory and proven to be suitable for human consumption.

He also pointed to the importance of reconsidering the clearance fees, handling and unloading to ease the burdens on importers and food manufacturers.

This sector is considered one of the important and vital sectors to achieve food security in the country, and the national poultry producing companies are the main pillar due to the experience, expertise and capabilities they possess that enabled them to be fully self-sufficient in the table egg product, in addition to achieving more than 80% of the country’s needs of fresh poultry and 40% of frozen poultry, and that these companies are ready to increase their production capacity if they have the necessary capabilities and land.

Accordingly, the Kuwait Food Union fears, if Ministerial Resolution No. 67/2020 continues, that importers of foodstuffs will refrain from importing many of the commodities needed by citizens and residents in Kuwait, due to the importers’ inability to cope with the global rise in prices of these commodities, which exposes the strategic food stock in the country since there is a huge shortage.

It is no secret that development in this sector has stopped for more than 53 years, which has led to a significant decline in the food industries in Kuwait.

Therefore, the Kuwait Food Union has made several proposals to ensure the food sector does not suffer of shortage.

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