Kuwait has taken strides on the path of overhauling its educational system however the United Nations wishes to see further steps forward, a UN official says. The UN Secretary General resident representative and coordinator, Tarek El-Sheikh, said on Thursday during a UN-organized seminar on the international organization fourth goal for sustainable development (good teaching) that the UN 2030 scheme at this level is designed to develop education and qualify cadres to meet requirements of development and the labor market.

The United Nations aspires to see greater development of education in Kuwait, particularly with respect of teaching sciences and mathematics so that the country would have qualified cadres to accomplish development, he said.

The seminar is part of a series of monthly gatherings, organized by the UN office in Kuwait to coordinate with local partners for exploring the UN potential role in boosting development.

Salah Al-Majdi, the Education Ministry assistant for educational research, has indicated that the department strategy that focuses on “the human capital according to Kuwait Vision 2035” is largely inspired by the UN sustainable development plans.

Dr. Hiba Ahmad, supervisor of education at the World Bank in Kuwait, indicated that some of reforms in the sector had been done in coordination with the WB. Future cooperation between Kuwait and the WB will be centered on “developing the human capital,” not only in education but also in other sectors, such as health, as envisaged by the Kuwait Vision 2035, Dr. Ahmad said.

Dr. Fatima Al-Hashem, from the Gulf University or Sciences and Technology, presented recommendations of a study prepared by Qatar Research Foundation regarding the first three levels of teaching in Kuwait. Among the recommendations is a proposal to enhance teachers’ skills, she said, lauding the significant progress that has been made in the sector in Kuwait but recommending more efforts for further improvement.

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