In a thrilling display of athleticism and teamwork, the UIS girls’ basketball team emerged victorious in the cluster championship tournament 2023, solidifying their position as one of the top contenders at the CBSE National Championship 2023. The team’s unwavering dedication and exceptional skills have paved the way for their participation in the national championship in Varanasi, India from December 1 to 4, 2023, where they are poised to make a significant mark on the national stage.

Throughout the cluster championship tournament, the UIS girls’ basketball team demonstrated their phenomenal talent and resilience, overcoming formidable opponents with grit and determination. Their strategic gameplay, while bolstering up one another, propelled them to the top of the competition.

The team’s remarkable performance earned them the coveted cluster championship title, a testament to their resolute commitment to excellence. Their success is attributed to the stellar performances of standout players such as Aleena, Emima, Sheron, Ashlin and Aksa. This team had proved their excellence in basketball earlier by winning the IBA Kuwait Basketball Championship 2023!

As the team has moved to Varanasi to participate in the national championship, excitement and anticipation are palpable among everyone at UIS. The girls’ unshakable enthusiasm and unmatched skills have instilled confidence in their ability to compete at the highest level. Their participation in the national championship represents a significant milestone for the school, showcasing the prodigious talent of its student-athletes.

The UIS community extends its heartfelt congratulations to the girls’ basketball team for their outstanding achievements and cheer for their performance at the national level. Their success serves as an inspiration to all students, demonstrating the power of hard work, team spirit, and pure zeal.

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