The Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the State of Kuwait and Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) cohosted the tree planting event, “Go Green Kuwait,” on December 9, 2023, at KOC’s Al-Abdaliya Natural Preserve. This significant environmental initiative was co-organized in cooperation with the Korean Community in Kuwait.

Ambassador Chung Byung-ha expressed enthusiasm about this being the second time of the campaign, emphasizing the Korean community’s deepening engagement with local Kuwaiti society and its steadfast commitment to natural environmental conservation in Kuwait. Ambassador Chung extended heartfelt appreciation to KOC and its volunteering staff for their invaluable support in preparing this event.

In a significant gesture of collaboration, KOC designated an exclusive tree planting zone for the Korean Community within its Natural Preserve, symbolizing a shared commitment to environmental conservation and cross-cultural cooperation.

The “Go Green Kuwait” campaign is more than a tree-planting event; it is aimed at restoring ecological resilience in Kuwait’s unique environment. The initiative focused on planting specific tree species – Vachellia tortilis and Rhanterium epapposum – capable of thriving in the challenging conditions of the water-scarce Kuwaiti desert. This campaign highlights the crucial role of tree planting in mitigating the effects of climate change. Trees are also key to preserving biodiversity, preventing soil erosion, and maintaining ecological balance.

Adding to the diversity of the campaign, members from Roots & Shoots, an environmental protection circle from the American School of Kuwait (ASK), joined the event, further exemplifying the collaborative spirit of this initiative.

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