The Department of Combating Money Crimes within the Criminal Investigation Department has successfully identified and monitored two criminal networks comprising eight individuals from various nationalities involved in electronic fraud.

This accomplishment is part of the criminal security sector’s proactive measures to combat diverse forms of crime, apprehend wrongdoers, and uphold the rule of law. The General Administration of Security Relations and Media reported that, following the acquisition of legal authorization, the culprits were apprehended, reports Al-Anba daily.

These individuals had deceived others into granting them personal loans within a mere 48 hours of loan application submission, promising to open multiple bank accounts in return. Subsequently, they misused and conducted illegal activities through these bank accounts.

Additionally, another criminal group was apprehended, operating a well-organized scheme in collaboration with individuals outside Kuwait via a smartphone application. They deceived people under the guise of a fabricated website mimicking the “Ministry of Commerce – Consumer Protection.”

The fraudsters generated bank payment links, requesting a nominal fee for registering a commercial complaint. Following this ruse, they exploited the victims’ bank accounts illegally, having obtained all their pertinent information. The fraudsters used a multitude of devices, numerous bank cards, and phone numbers attributed to unsuspecting individuals for their deceitful operations.

The apprehended individuals are currently being referred to the appropriate authorities for necessary legal action. The public is urged to exercise caution and refrain from using applications or visiting websites of unknown origin or questionable credibility to mitigate the risk of falling victim to fraudulent activities.

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