Under the directives and follow-up by the Director General of the Municipality, Engineer Ahmed Al-Manfouhi, and in cooperation with the General Fire Force in all governorates, the Hawalli Municipality closed down two basements in Salmiya that violated the rules on commercial exploitation of basements.

As part of the municipality campaign conducting intensive tours of basements, the inspection team monitored two basements that are being used for medicine storage in Salmiya. The head of the emergency team at the Hawalli Municipality, Ibrahim Al-Sabaan, stressed that the supervisory team took legal action against the illegal warehouses through the vicinity’s immediate closure and informed the General Fire Force and the Ministry of Health in order to take appropriate legal measures against the violators. The legal actions currently rest upon the decisions of the General Fire Force and the Drug Inspection Department in the Drug and Food Control Sector at the Ministry of Health, represented by Dr. Khaled Al-Ali.

Al-Sabaan added that the inspection teams shall continue monitoring all basements in all governorates and take the appropriate legal measures against commercial violators.

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