In a bid to ensure the integrity of academic certificates held by government agency employees, a tripartite committee formed by the Council of Ministers has requested the Civil Service Bureau to provide essential data for auditing and reviewing certificates that raise concerns over their authenticity, reports Al-Rai Daily.

Informed sources within the Civil Service Bureau disclosed this development, highlighting the committee’s objective to meticulously examine the educational qualifications of employees.

The committee has specifically asked for crucial information from the Civil Service Bureau to facilitate its review process. This includes the names of employees, their civil identification numbers, the government entities they are appointed to, and their respective job titles. Moreover, the committee is seeking details regarding the nationality of employees, distinguishing between Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti individuals, as well as information on the contractual agreements under which non-Kuwaiti employees are appointed.

Additionally, the committee has requested copies of academic certificates, including information on academic degrees, the country where the studies were conducted, the year of graduation, and other relevant factors. The committee aims to ascertain whether employees possess equivalency for their certificates from higher education authorities and whether they were recipients of scholarships.

If the committee uncovers any instances of forged or fraudulent certificates during its examination, it will promptly notify the Civil Service Bureau. The committee will provide a list of employees with questionable certificates, enabling the Bureau to take appropriate action by notifying the respective employing bodies. This step will initiate the process of canceling the appointments of individuals with forged certificates, followed by necessary legal measures being taken against them.

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