An official source at the Kuwait International Airport said inbound passengers who are fully vaccinated, partly vaccinated and not vaccinated will be treated on par with citizens and the decision will be implemented as of Sunday, according to the following procedures:

Al-Qabas said for those who are fully vaccinated the following conditions apply

• Cancellation of the ‘PCR’ test before arriving in the country

• Cancellation of the PCR test upon arrival in the country

• Cancellation of the home quarantine after arriving in the country

Those who are partly vaccinated:

• Cancel the ‘PCR’ test before arriving in the country

• Commitment to home quarantine for a period of 7 days after arrival, with the possibility of ending the quarantine time before if a ‘PCR’ test is performed, confirming the person is virus free

For those not vaccinated:

• Conducting a “PCR” examination (72) hours before taking the flight to ensure the traveler is free of infection with the Corona virus

• Mandatory home quarantine for 7 days after arrival and taking a PCR test on the seventh to end the quarantine provided the person is free of virus

• Children under the age of 16 are excluded from this requirement.

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