Ambassador Sadiq Marafi, who lead the Kuwaiti delegation, at the 28th session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, highlighted in a speech that crimes, especially the organized ones, are increasing at an alarming rate. He added that it had cross-border effects and growing links with terrorist activities.

Marafi stressed Kuwait’s commitment to the principles established by its constitution and legislations to enhance international and regional cooperation in order to achieve greater national and international stability and security.

In this regard, he noted that Kuwait’s accession to the United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice for the period (2019-2021) reflected a desire to contribute to efforts to strengthen international cooperation frameworks.

Ambassador Marafi highlighted Kuwait’s measures to implement the principles and frameworks set forth in the previous decisions. With regards to sustainable development and the promotion of the rule of law, the National Development Plan was adopted in accordance with the vision of the State of Kuwait 2035, which was recognized by Kuwait and in line with UN General Assembly Resolution 70/1 of the Sustainable Development Plan 2030, he added.

On legislative compliance with these goals, several laws have been enacted in Kuwait, including the establishment of the Public Authority for Combating Corruption, regulations regarding financial disclosure, the law on the fight against information technology crimes and a law on the rights of the child and another law on the establishment of the National Bureau for Human Rights.

Regarding the strengthening of international cooperation in the framework of strengthening the fight against all crimes, Ambassador Marafi pointed out that Kuwait has signed many agreements on legal and judicial cooperation in criminal matters in the framework of mutual legal assistance.

In his speech, the Kuwaiti ambassador pointed out Kuwait’s interest in combating cybercrime, which is contributing to the spread of all types of transnational crimes, noting that Kuwait in 2015 issued a law on the fight against information technology crimes as a legislative basis at the national level. He also pointed out the importance of supporting the international efforts to combat all illegal use of the Internet and calling for drafting an international convention in this regard under the umbrella of the UN.

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