Al-Ujairi Scientific Center said “the instability of the weather in the country comes due to the transition from one season to another and the overlap between seasons, which results in unstable movement of winds accompanied by thunderstorms and hail.”

The center said in a statement that “the two periods of the Sarayat that preceeds, and the Sarayat that we are living in now, are an overlap between the two intimate seasons, which end on April 2, followed by the entry of the Dra’an season, and thus we witness a set of climatic changes and unstable weather,” reports Al-Rai daily.

He pointed out that the next season, known as Dra’an, is characterized by the Sarayat, which is considered one of the distinctive signs in it, and it is a phenomenon that is transient before hot air replaces cold air, causing rising dust.

He indicated Dra’an is considered one of the most dangerous seasons, given that the winds change their speed and directions making them to predict accurately.

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