Toxic chemicals leading to a large number of diseases and disorders were discovered in every baby product sampled in a new study.

Laboratory tests conducted by the Washington, DC-based Environmental Working Group (EWG) found substances containing high levels of fluorine-poly fluorine compounds (PFAS) in toys, clothing, bibs and bedding, reports a local Arabic daily.

PFAS is a common ingredient in clothing and other household items because it is durable and can repel grease, water, stains, and heat.

But scientists have sometimes warned that it can vanish like dust and be inhaled by youngsters. It is also durable and can survive in the environment for long periods of time. The chemicals have been linked to an increased risk of cancer, birth defects, autism and infertility.

Sidney Evans, an EWG analyst and author of the study, said the risks “far outweigh any kind”. EWG has conducted a series of independent lab tests on the products. The research initially looked at levels of fluorine in the elements, a chemical used to make plastics that can cause tooth decay, osteoporosis and damage to kidneys, bones, nerves and muscles.

The researchers then tested the 10 items with the highest levels of fluorine for PFAS. The ten products were all children’s products. There is no limit to PFAS chemicals in play at the federal level, but limits have been placed on their amounts in drinking water.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in guidance issued in July, recommended that levels should not exceed 0.004 parts per trillion (parts per trillion) in drinking water. Several states have also moved to ban its use in products including clothing and bedding.

The researchers warn that exposure to “chemicals” can affect a child’s social and physical development, and affect behavior as they age.

A University of Texas study last year found that children who were exposed to PFAS in the womb were more likely to develop autism. Long-term exposure can also increase the risk of developing kidney, testicular, ovarian, prostate, thyroid, and bone marrow cancers in adulthood.

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