Canadian researchers have discovered high levels of a dangerous chemical used in the manufacture of toilet paper in the bodies of endangered orcas, raising fears that the toxic substance may further harm them.

The researchers announced that they had discovered the chemical “nonylphenol”, in the bodies of 12 whales they studied, which is often used in the processing of paper and is also found in soaps and detergents, and can enter the ocean from waste treatment plants, reports Al-Rai daily.

Due to the size of orcas, they often swallow small bodies contaminated with chemicals, making them among the most polluted whales in the world. Orcas live in all oceans in general, but prefer to live in cold coastal areas such as Alaska.

The orca monitors its prey by sound, that is, it knows the size of the prey and the things around it by the frequency of the sound, which is emitted through the air passing between its mouth and the nozzle above the head.

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