Badr Al-Amira, a member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences, has affirmed that winter will commence on December 7, delineating its progression into three distinct phases, each marked by a span of 13 days.

Al-Amira, told Al-Rai, “The initial phase encompasses the first star, known as Antares, lasting for forty days, characterized by moderate coldness until December 20.

Subsequently, the cold intensifies with the advent of Antares’ second phase, persisting for 13 days. Following this, the Scorpius star emerges, signifying the coldest period of the year, with temperatures dropping below zero.”

Meteorologist Issa Ramadan, in response to the upcoming weather changes, recommended that individuals on land should “don winter clothing in anticipation of a temperature decrease over the weekend, with the lowest expected to range between nine and thirteen degrees, and the highest between 23 and 24.”

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