Data issued by the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) revealed that the social networking site “Facebook” came at the forefront of the most used social networking platforms in Kuwait during the third quarter of 2022, while the social networking site “Twitter” came in second place, and the social blogging platform “Tumblr” was in third place.

According to the statistics, a local Arabic daily said, the “Instagram” came in fourth place, followed by the Russian social networking site “Adnoklassniki” in fifth placeand the photo site “Pinterest” in sixth place, “Vkontakte” site seventh, and “Tajid” the US website eighth, followed by chat site Reddit in ninth, and the Chinese website Tencent tenth.

With regard to the most used broadcasting applications in Kuwait in the third quarter of this year, the data revealed that Tik Tok was the most used website during the third quarter of this year, followed by YouTube in second place, then Netflix third.

The “Twitch” platform came in fourth place, the “Shahid” ranked fifth, the “Twitter Video” sixth, the “Amazon Video” platform seventh, the “Demolition” website came in the eighth, then the “Facebook Video” platform ninth and finally, the “Bein Connect” tenth.

As for the most used electronic game applications in Kuwait, computer games “Valve steam services” topped the list, and the American electronic game applications “Blizzard” came in second place, followed by “Roblox” in third place, and “Playstation” in fourth place, the fifth place was taken by “Valve steam download”, then “Origin Games” in sixth place, seventh came the “Call of Duty” series of games, eighth came “Origin Games Download”, and “Fortnite” game for devices ranked ninth and in tenth place was the ‘PUBG Mobile’.

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