From the time the Council of Ministers issued a decision to raise the capacity of inbound passengers to Kuwait to 10,000 people per day, the air transport market has witnessed a steady rise in the price of tickets in the face of limited seats and a big demand to return to the country.

The head of the Federation of Tourism and Travel Offices, Muhammad Al-Mutairi, told Al-Qabas the prices of one-way tickets to Kuwait from three destinations India, the UAE and the Philippines have increased five-fold because the capacity of arrivals per day remain the same.

Al-Mutairi stated the prices of tickets from these three destinations range between 300 and 400 dinars, especially those coming from India and the Philippines who mostly domestic workers. The price rise has placed another burden on the shoulders of citizens.

Al-Mutairi has called for the abolition of travel restrictions, saying, “Unfortunately, we are the first to implement the restrictions, and we will be the last to lift them,” and renewed his call to open the airport to full operational capacity, similar to the neighboring countries, since the government had promised to do so once the vaccination rate reaches 80%.

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