In a series of field security inspections conducted last week, the Traffic and Operations Sector arrested 27,000 traffic violators, 71 reckless drivers, and 65 juvenile drivers, which included the impounding of 79 vehicles and deportation of 23 violating expats. The 65 juveniles who were caught driving without a driver’s license were referred to the Juvenile Prosecution, while the expats who were arrested for illegally loading passengers were directed to the General Administration of Correctional Institutions, deportation ward.

The campaign was carried out under the supervision of the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Operations and Traffic Affairs, Major General Jamal Al Sayegh, and under the field supervision of the Assistant Director-General of the General Traffic Department for Licensing Affairs, Major General Yousef Al-Khadda, as well as, the Director-General of the General Department of Emergency Police, Brigadier Faris Al-Qahtani.

In a statement to an Arabic paper, the Public Relations and Awareness Department of the General Traffic Department said that the traffic department patrols, the Traffic Operations Department, and the patrols of the Traffic Investigation Department were dispatched in six governorates to implement security campaigns last week. The initiative led to the discharge of 24,880 miscellaneous traffic violators, while it resulted in the detention of 65 juvenile drivers and seizure of 19 vehicles. On the other hand, the campaign was able to confront 73 fugitives wanted by the General Administration of Execution of Judgments.

For the past week, the patrols responded to 985 traffic accidents and arrested four people in possession of narcotic substances, who were then sent to the General Department for Drug Control, while the vehicles were transported to the garage of the General Directorate of Traffic. The Department also stated that the Traffic Investigation Department of the Traffic Operations Department, in cooperation with the Traffic Department at the International Airport, caught 23 expats illegally using private vehicles to load passengers, a serious violation based on the instructions by the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Acting Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled. The violators were sent to the Deportation Department for further action.

Moreover, the General Administration of Emergency Police enforced 1,134 security missions the past week in a move to implement security and traffic operations and impose security measures across the country, resulting in the arrest of 2,466 traffic violators, including 8 parking tickets on disability parking, plus seizure of two violating vehicles. The patrols detained 32 people with arrest warrants, 107 workers with absconding cases, 153 residency violators, eight suspects in possession of narcotics, three taboo cases, and five people with penal cases. In addition, six fights were settled and 33 traffic accidents were dealt with during the course of the campaign.

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