The 23 years old Capt Maryam Hani Ahmed Al-Turki, piloted the plane alone, rising to embrace the sky, to become the third Kuwaiti woman to obtain a pilot’s license, after graduating from the L3Harris Aviation Academy with distinction from Britain.

When Al-Rai daily contacted Captain Maryam, who returns to Kuwait today evening from Britain, confirmed her success and distinction in the field that she loved since childhood and proved that Kuwaiti women are able to prove themselves in various political, economic, cultural and sports fields, in addition to their superiority in the field of aviation expressing her happiness in serving her country and flying alone.

Maryam said, “I graduated from high school and joined the College of Aviation Technology in Kuwait, and given my passion and love for flying aircraft, I applied to work in Kuwait Airways, which thankfully sent me to study aviation in Britain, and that was one of the happiest decisions I made and with the blessing of my parents, may God protect them.”

Maryam expressed her happiness because of the personal success she achieved that fulfilled her ambition that accompanied her since childhood, which is to study in a distinguished professional field, noting that she will work with her colleagues, Maryam Buarki and Maha Baydoun.

Maryam indicated that “it is wonderful to study at the British (L3Harris) Academy, which treats males and females equally and takes care of every male and female student,” thanking the supervisors of the academy and “to the son of Kuwait, Captain Adnan Al-Najjar, who supervised my training to fly the Airbus 320,” pointing out that her success is an outstanding achievement in serving her country, Kuwait.

Maryam explained that “during me piloting the plane alone, and with the follow-up of the Director General of the Kuwait Airways Corporation, Maan Al-Razouki, I felt proud and it was a wonderful experience that I will not forget in my life, especially when I saw my parents and my sister following me from a distance, and I cried with joy and I never thought that I will be in this wonderful position.

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