Minister of Health, Sheikh Dr. Basil Al-Sabah, stated that the vaccination certificate granted by the ministry is local, like other vaccination certificates issued by the ministry.

No instructions have been received from the World Health Organization or any other external organizations to approve the certificate internationally, indicating that if countries of the world approved the vaccination passport with international coordination the concerned authorities would issue Corona passport, just like other countries, Al Qabas reported.

Basil Al-Sabah said, in response to parliamentary questions by MP Ahmed Muti, that the number of vaccination certificates granted by the Ministry of Health since the beginning of the operation amounted to 208,990 until April 9, and that the Information Systems Department is responsible for issuing vaccination certificates.

The certificate is issued electronically upon completion of taking the second dose of the vaccine, or after taking one dose of the vaccine if the person had contracted the disease within 90 days before taking the dose.

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