Al-Ujairi Scientific Center said, Sunday, that the Murabbaniyah season is nearing its end with the appearance of its third star, known as (the Shula Star), on January 2, 2024.

The center told the Kuwait News Agency that the number of days of the Shulah star is 13 and it is considered the third and last star of the square, and the sunrise during the appearance of the Shula star has reached its maximum extent of delay throughout the year, reports Al-Rai daily.

He added that the sunrise time on the first day of the shula is at 6:43 in the morning, while sunset is at 5:10 in the morning.

He stated that the night continues to prevail over the number of daylight hours, with the average number of hours reaching approximately 13 hours and 42 minutes.

He pointed out that during the days of Shula, temperatures drop during the night hours and in open areas, and at dawn cold intensity increases.

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