Huawei recently announced a new ultra-slim 2-in-1 laptop. It has a unique 3 screens-in-1 form factor that allows a free switch between laptop tablet and smartphone mode.

A lightweight, thin, and minimalist 2-in-1 laptop

The main strength of HUAWEI MateBook E is its portability and flexibility as a laptop for those who wish to stay productive on the go! It is as thin as 7.99mm and as light as 709g. Boasting a versatile hybrid design, smart interaction features, pro-grade performance and outstanding Super Device features. It is a powerful productivity tool combining the advantages of traditional laptops and tablets to help users get work done faster and more efficiently. It is also the perfect 3 screens-in-1 laptop because it depicts the complete experience of PC, tablet and smartphone in one device.

First-ever OLED Real Colour HUAWEI FullView Display in a laptop

As Huawei’s first OLED screen laptop, HUAWEI MateBook E is equipped with a 12.6-inch OLED Real Colour HUAWEI FullView Display. Compared with LCD, an OLED screen has a higher contrast ratio and fidelity, and the display supports the P3 colour gamut, which is the standard for digital movie theatres. It can get as bright as 600nits, allowing the visibility of onscreen content even under strong light.

Super Device for smart office

The new laptop expands on the HUAWEI Super Device capabilities with innovative multi-device connectivity features. This laptop can connect wirelessly with compatible smartphones such as the newly launched HUAWEI P50 Pro and with monitors like the HUAWEI MateView via a USB-C cable or wirelessly providing you with futuristic multi-device collaboration and cross-device file sharing with simple drag and drop gestures.

Based on Huawei’s distributed technologies, PC-Smartphone Multi-screen Collaboration features help bridge the gap between Windows and Android operating systems at the ground level, enabling seamless cross-device collaboration, file sharing and multi-screen control. Under Multi-screen Collaboration, the recently launched HUAWEI P50 Pro can be connected with the HUAWEI MateBook E to form a powerful Super Device. Once connected, the laptop can access mobile files, and open up to three mobile app windows while the smartphone can function as the PC’s thumb device, enabling distributed folders and making cross-device file management easier than ever.

Moreover, users can connect the laptop with the HUAWEI MateView via cable or wirelessly to have an extra screen providing you with an immersive viewing space. The benefits of having this trio set-up is the easy one-slide swapping of wireless and wired connections which lets you easily switch between work mode, and personal mode.

While the powerful screen contributes to the success of HUAWEI MateBook E is an excellent tablet, it is also compatible with the 2nd generation HUAWEI M-Pencil, and comes with a wealth of annotation and drawing software. Riding on its high degree of responsiveness, the stylus enables users to draw beautiful curves while offering a more realistic writing experience. The HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard adopts an ultra-light, in-built design and weighs as light as 440g. Breaking through the support limitation of the traditional Bluetooth keyboard and achieving the angle adjustment support between 110 and 160 degrees, the device supports free switching between three viewing angles for three different modes.

Nowadays, video conference has become a norm at work. HUAWEI MateBook E is equipped with quad microphones for accurate sound pick up to 5m away from the microphone; it also adopts AI noise cancellation, Personal Voice Enhancement to reduce environmental noise and enhance the voice of the active speaker. This helps users communicate more efficiently, allowing the person to be heard with a clearer voice and thus a better impression.

The 2-in-1 HUAWEI MateBook E is not a gimmick but a practical product. Equipped with the 11th Gen Intel® CoreTM, it is the first MateBook with a Windows 11 operating system that can meet all everyday work needs.

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