The city of Devon-Le Pen, France, hosted a sculpture by the Kuwaiti artist and sculptor Sulaiman Al-Awadhi entitled “The Giving Hand.”

The city’s mayor, Vincent Sciatola, considered it a symbol of love, peace, and environmental preservation. The city’s residents also participated in the inauguration ceremony of the sculpture, which was recently held on Salif Street near the Media Roundabout, reports Al-Rai daily.

On this occasion, Al-Awadhi told the daily, “My artistic sculpture represents the Kuwaiti hand that embraces the Jahla plant, as I photographed it on mainland Kuwait during the year 1983, and turned it into an artistic sculpture 3 meters long and 1.7 meters high, and weighing a ton of bronze.”

He added, “Kuwait and its people are a trust in our hands, and returning the favor to our dear Kuwait is a national duty, as my project is to spread artistic culture.” I will not hide from you that I am more proud when the name of Kuwait is on the statue, especially when it is placed at the entrance to the city of Devon-Le Pen in the Republic of France, which adopted the most important and greatest artists in the world through the Club De Paris, such as Picasso Dali and others.

He concluded by saying: “It is a great pride for us that one of our countrymen is given this global opportunity, and thanks to God’s grace and generosity, the project was completed after struggle, perseverance, and suffering that took 40 years of diligence and giving. Thank God, my dream has finally come true.” Al-Awadhi presented the city’s mayor with an artistic painting he had drawn, after drawing his image in the heart of the French flag.

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