The Parliamentary Health Affairs Committee submitted its report to the National Assembly approving a law on charitable work.

The committee’s report to the ministry stated that a draft law was saturated with research for 9 years, and from the perspective of the committee, there is an urgency in approving this law, because Kuwait is on the verge of a financial evaluation from the FATF. An evaluation which would investigate charitable work, the money transfer process, and how it is collected.

The committee pointed out that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has considered the draft law for the process of collecting money and the process of disbursing it in terms of money laundering and financial terrorism. “As for other matters that take place within Kuwait, their regulation is left to the Ministry of Social Affairs, and we believe that the charitable societies in Kuwait agree with us in this matter.”

The committee further affirmed that a delay in approving the draft law would affect Kuwait’s FATF evaluation hence the law is required to be issued as quickly as possible.

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