The Guardian reports that New Zealand’s national carrier will charge NZ$400-$600 ($250-$380) for every four hours a passenger spends in a double-decker, six-person bed cabin, depending on its economy class (world’s first) bedroom design.

The company debuted its prototype Skynest cabin designs this week, but bed reservations won’t be available to passengers until September next year, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The beds will be close to each other, but separated by a curtain, to ensure privacy, and each passenger will be provided with a pillow, cover and blanket, and it will be changed after each flight.

These cabins will be available for the first time on very long haul flights, from Oakland to New York, and from Oakland to Chicago, both flights taking more than 15 hours.

The cabins will be offered on Air New Zealand’s new Boeing 787 aircraft, which the company is scheduled to take delivery of in early 2024.

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