The recruitment of domestic workers from the Philippines has started during the recent period and the demand for it in the Kuwaiti market has led to a significant increase in costs, Al-Rai daily reported.

Sources told the daily that the cost of recruiting a female worker from the Philippines now ranges between KD 1,400 and KD 1,600, including 890 for the office and the rest is the cost of institutional quarantine, PCR tests, and a ticket.

All these costs fall on the sponsor, and that if he wanted to bring in a domestic worker without involving the recruitment office, and he has a copy of her passport, the cost would be KD 890 only, including all expenses. But in this case, there would be no guarantee for the worker in the event of her escaping from the sponsor’s home or refusing to work.

The sources expected these numbers to rise due to the imposition of a total ban in Manila from August 5 to 20, and the high cost of labor agencies in the Philippines.

According to the sources, the resumption of recruitment began with two trips from the Philippines to Kuwait during May, 4 trips in June, 8 in July, and 13 in August, and that so far there are 10 trips scheduled for September. It is also expected to rise due to the great demand for Filipino workers.

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