Thanima Kuwait, a prominent group known for its contributions to the arts, culture, and social causes in Kuwait, organized a vibrant two-day picnic event called “Ullasathanima2023.” The event, held in Kabd, witnessed the enthusiastic participation of Thanima Kuwait members and the crew of the renowned play, Macbeth.

Under the capable leadership of Ullasathanima convener Jinu Abraham, Sangeet Somnath, and Ashraf Choorut, the event was meticulously planned . Gen. Convener Babuji Bathery, Joint Convener Shaiju Pallipuram, and Drama Convener Jacob Varghese played key roles in managing the diverse programs.

During the event, attendees were treated to heart-warming performances by both children and adults. The cast of the play “Macbeth,” skillfully organized by Natakthanima, received well-deserved appreciation, providing attendees with a memorable experience and a much-needed respite from their daily work routines.

The gathering took the opportunity to extend their heartfelt congratulations to all those who contributed tirelessly in various capacities to ensure the success of the play “Macbeth.” Special recognition was given to Director Babuji Bathery, Artist Sujathan Master for his screenplay, and Raghunathan Nair, a founding member and dedicated contributor who played an important role in making the play a reality.

Program Convener Jinu Abraham emphasized Thanima Kuwait’s commitment to transparent and exemplary involvement in Kuwait’s artistic, cultural, and social educational landscape.

The Ullasathanima2023 event was a true testament to Thanima Kuwait’s dedication to fostering cultural enrichment and providing engaging experiences for its members and the wider community.

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