Dozens of loose workers are systematically taking advantage of the generosity of citizens and residents, whether in cash or in-kind and collect old materials especially old clothes, especially during the month of Ramadan in the name of charity work.

Despite the efforts made by the supervisory teams of the Ministry of Social Affairs to arrest impersonators, the desire of these workers to make money quickly by selling donation clothes, is to great even though they are fully aware that they will be caught and deported, says a local Arabic daily.

They target places such as next to schools or choose a place next to the coops and their branches and recently the concerned authorities reportedly removed 107 such booths and boxes most of which contained old clothes.

The Municipality sources say these people are known to segregate these clothes and those which look new are then sold or sent abroad to their respective countries to be cleaned and sold as second hand clothes.

An official in the Kuwait Municipality told the daily, “We monitor daily these workers who unload the contents of the boxes of clothes, and they are transferred to the competent authorities, and there is coordination and follow-up with the Ministry of Social Affairs about their presence in the different regions.

He added: “There is cooperation through the tripartite committee headed by the Public Authority for Manpower to monitor the stores used to put donation clothes, whether in the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area or in Khaitan, where a number of them were seized earlier and those involved in them were referred to the Residence Affairs Investigations.”

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