On 9 September, 1991, Tajikistan regained its independence, and the world community recognized Tajikistan as an Independent State.

Thousands of years earlier, the Tajik people had already acquired a national state, in the powerful State of Somoniyon during the Samanin Empire. In 1991, the people of Tajikistan once proved that they are able to preserve the waving banner of their statehood.

On 9 September of this year the Government and people of Tajikistan celebrated the 31st anniversary of their State Independence — a landmark and turning point in the modern history of the country, and a moment of happiness and high dignity for the ancient, creative and glorious Tajik people.

The State Independence has created a unique historical opportunity for their people to unite under their national flag, through cohesive, creative work, to solve the most difficult problems and remove the most difficult obstacles, to lead their beloved country to a stage of sustainable socio-economic development.

Tajiks can proudly say that in the short period since independence, effective steps have been taken to strengthen the pillars of a truly independent, democratic, secular and social state, with the main direction of the state’s internal and foreign policies determined in line with national interests. Extensive programs of development and expansion have been implemented in all spheres of public life, including economic and social sectors.

It is very important to mention that in order to achieve complete independence and recognition as an independent state of Tajikistan, the efforts of the Founder of Peace and National unity, the Leader of the Nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan H.E. Emomali Rahmon are very unique.

During the period of Independence, despite the negative impact of crisis factors and various international processes, the economic and social development of the country was ensured.
The Government of the country directed all its efforts to create decent living conditions for every inhabitant of the country, carried out many activities, using all resources and opportunities to solve problems and tasks in social spheres, including science and education, culture and healthcare, problems of youth and women, supporting the needy sections of society, attracting as many teenagers and youth as possible to quality education, educating them in the spirit of patriotism.

The implementation of such a far-sighted policy contributed to the comprehensive strengthening of Tajikistan’s relations with all countries of the world, especially with the countries of the region.

State Independence has brought Tajikistan closer to the world and the world closer to Tajikistan, and the policy of ‘open doors’ has led to an unprecedented increase in the authority and reputation of Tajikistan at the international level. As a result, for more than three decades, they have achieved successes that are directly related to the further development of our independent state.

The role of the state, especially in influential organizations, is considered effective and constructive in addressing pressing issues of global and regional importance, such as ensuring security, stability, environmental and climate health. Tajiks are satisfied that most countries recognize the position and initiatives of Tajikistan as a leading country in matters of water, climate and glacier protection, and cooperate with us on this constructive path.

Today Tajikistan has diplomatic and friendly relations with more than 180 countries of the world and is a full member of 57 international and regional organizations.
The State of Kuwait was among the first states of the international community to officially recognize the independence of the Republic of Tajikistan. Also, Kuwait was the first Arab country to which the head of the newly formed state of Tajikistan paid an official visit. Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Tajikistan and the State of Kuwait were established on 31 March, 1995.

Today, Kuwait is one of our important and reliable partners in the region. The main factor in the development and strengthening of good relations between Tajikistan and the countries of the Arab world, including the State of Kuwait, is first of all, the balanced, transparent and verified foreign policy of Tajikistan President, Emomali Rahmon.

It is a source of joy that cooperation and high level relations between Tajikistan and Kuwait are on account of the bonds of friendship and brotherhood between the leaders, and are developing in the light of it. The bond of friendship and brotherhood of the Leader of the Nation with the late former Amir of the State of Kuwait, His Highness Sabah Al-Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, undoubtedly played a key role in the successful promotion of beneficial relations between the two states.

It should be recognized that the economic and commercial relations between Tajikistan and Kuwait have not yet reached the level of the wishes of the top leadership and the friendly and brotherly people of the two countries. The two countries have wide opportunities for fruitful cooperation in the fields of economy and trade, investment and tourism, and today the relevant authorities in the two countries are trying to establish economic and trade relations using the existing opportunities.

In this regard, on 19 September of this year, the third session of the Kuwaiti-Tajik Joint Commission on Economic, Trade, Scientific, and Technical Cooperation will be held in Dushanbe, where all aspects of cooperation between officials of the two sides will be discussed, and new areas of cooperation will be identified. It is also expected that several new documents of cooperation will be signed on the sidelines of the Joint Commission. There is optimism that by holding this meeting, the parties will reach the desired results.

On the travel front Tajikistan will soon witness the inauguration of the first direct flight between Dushanbe and Kuwait. The opening of the direct flight will contribute not only to passengers, but also to the development of the tourism industry, increase in bilateral trade exchange and export of Tajik products and goods to Kuwait. The mentioned achievements are undoubtedly the result of the Independence and sovereignty of Tajikistan for 31 years and have become the main basis for changing the image of the state, and increasing its influence and authority in the international arena.

Tajikistan is confident that under the leadership of the Founder of National Peace and Unity, the Leader of the Nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, in the coming years, based on the high constructive spirit of the people, on the basis of a democratic and law-based state, extensive cooperation with the countries of the world and international organizations, will contribute to the country’s progress and allow it to take its worthy position among the developing countries of the world.

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