“The modern concept of smaller size supermarkets is more convenient and designed to fit customers’ needs”.

Shoppers in Kuwait jaded with the standard fare of retail outlets that range from the neighborhood ‘Baqala’ to large hypermarkets, will have a new treat in store for them with the opening of a new Format that promises to spearhead a fresh take on retailing in Kuwait.

“Taiba Market, which is expected to open its doors to shoppers on the 23 rd of February, is an innovative store format that is homegrown, with the concept for the store conceived, designed and now being implemented in Kuwait, which makes us very proud of this endeavor,” said Saleh A-Tunaib, CEO of Taiba Market. Speaking to the media at a press conference held on 1 February, Al-Tunaib explained, “The new store format is a “proximity format, in that it falls mid-way between an express store and a supermarket. When you visit the store during the opening of our first venue in the Palm Mall – Sulaibikhat and later in Surra our second store, you will see what we have put together there.”

He explained that Taiba Market comprises a group of homegrown brands, such as “CAF” and “The Butchery”, In addition to exclusive international brands, such as the renewed Turkish brand “Arif Oglu”, which specializes in providing spices, honey, medical cosmetics, and essential oils. Al-Tunaib pointed out that the company will rely on choosing the freshest in all the products that the consumer desires.

An offshoot of Oncost, the leading family market in Kuwait, the new store format is expected to establish a new genre of retailing in the country. “Taiba Market is tailored to cater to the young, modern-day consumer, who is always on the go and looking for easy, quick, simple purchases that greatly simplify the shopping experience for them,” said Al-Tunaib.

He added, “Our focus is not only on Kuwaiti shoppers but on everyone who considers themselves a modern consumer. The store falls within our context of having smaller format stores that allow modern consumers to get their needed items, from fresh to ultra-fresh products to detergents, quickly and effortlessly from one store. We would love to see this brand scale very fast in Kuwait and then be able to cover all the governorates in Kuwait in a very short term.”

Speaking to the media after the press meet, the Chief Operating Officer of Taiba Market, Remesh Anandadas said, “We are very proud of this new store format that allows for a ‘go-grab-pay-go-out’ shopping experience. We look forward to Taiba gaining a strong share in the country’s retailing sphere, and welcome everyone to visit our first store in Sulaibikhat, which will be followed shortly by other stores in Surra.”

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