The International Cooperation Prosecution is currently investigating a case of child abuse, with the central figure being a Syrian who had previously been sentenced to 15 years in prison by a Syrian court.

The suspect had admitted to the Syrian Court of Cassation that he had previously committed child rape in Jabriya, Kuwait, followed by further offenses against children in Syria.

Subsequent to a sentencing in Syria, he fled the country and returned to Kuwait, where he began working at a well-known children’s salon. His motive was to continue his disturbing pattern of crimes against children.

Lawyer Ali Al-Duwaikh, after receiving power of attorney from the victims’ families in Syria, filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor against the accused and submitted a copy of the verdict issued by the court in Syria, revealing that the individual was wanted by Interpol upon the request of Syrian authorities.

In response, the International Cooperation Prosecution has opted to reach out to Syrian judicial authorities to request the final, non-appealable verdict against the accused for further action.

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