A sculpture inspired by the work of five of the most prominent international sculptors, including Michelangelo and Auguste Rodin, is displayed in a Swedish museum, and it was created exclusively thanks to artificial intelligence programs.

“It is an actual statue made by five sculpting masters who would not have collaborated in real life,” said Polina Lundy, a spokeswoman for Sandvik, the company that designed the statue, reports Al-Rai daily.

The statue, which is made of stainless steel and is 150 centimeters high and weighs 500 kilograms, is on display at the Museum of Technology in Stockholm, in a step that marks the change in traditional concepts of art.

This work represents a woman whose lower half of her body is covered with a tunic, and she holds a bronze orb in her left hand.

The idea of this statue is to create a mixture of the five styles of sculptors, each of whom printed the field of sculpture in his time, and they are Michelangelo (Italy, 1475-1564), Auguste Rodin (France, 1840-1917), Cathy Kollwitz (Germany, 1867- 1945), Kotaro Takamura (Japan, 1883-1956), Augusta Savage (United States, 1892-1962).

“There is something about the statue that makes you feel that it was not created by humans,” says Julia Olderius, who is responsible for innovation at the museum.

To complete the sculpture, Sandvik engineers fed artificial intelligence systems with many images of sculptures created by these artists.

Then the artificial intelligence programs presented a set of two-dimensional images that reflect, according to Olderius, the character of each sculptor.

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