Many people complain that their diets do not work. They follow their diet plan for weeks and months but fail to see any results. They then decide to abandon their diet, saying that since ‘I am gaining weight, let me eat the food I like rather than eating healthy’.

There are many reasons you might be gaining weight despite your diet, some of them are eating late at night, increasing the food portions, and not exercising enough, which are all directly related to gaining or at least not losing weight.

But do you know that there are other reasons that your weight is at that high number and you find it difficult to get rid of the kilograms? These reasons might sound odd for you.

Thyroid hormones: They are classified as hypothyroid (leads to very low metabolism) or hyperthyroid (leads to very high metabolism).

If you are dieting, exercising and not losing weight, you have to go and visit the endocrinologist, it might be related to your hypothyroid hormone which will not make you burn a lot of calories, will decrease your metabolism and will cause weight gain. Altroxine is giving to people suffering from this problem

Depression: Depression might affect your weight. It increases cortisol levels (stress hormone) which increases adrenaline levels in your body which in return increases insulin levels. The high level of insulin in the blood causes hunger and increases appetite and will force your liver to make extra fat from the extra calories you consume.

Low testosterone levels in men: Testosterone is the growth hormone for men, in other words, it is responsible for making men ‘manly’. The main reasons for a drop to low levels are belly fat in men and an increase in age. If you see someone thin with belly fat, you can easily infer that he has low levels of testosterone in his body.

When testosterone is low, the muscles in the body cannot be built; hence the metabolism will drop causing weight gain.

So the solution is, men should get rid of this fat belly and benefit from a normal level of testosterone so they can enjoy a healthy life.

Diet food: This may sound odd.  How come we buy and spend double the price on diet food to lose weight and we still gain weight.

Unfortunately yes, because people have a misconception about this topic. Studies have shown that people who eat diet food gain more weight than people who don’t. Why?

When you want to buy a fat-free or a diet product remember that fat- free doesn’t mean calorie- free. What happens is that people go out and buy a fat- free biscuit, and 2 minutes later, the box is empty.

When consuming a diet product, moderate your intake, as taking in too many calories will only cause weight gain.

Following very strict or odd diets (fad diets): Let your diet be balanced and varied, you cannot just cut down the carbohydrates, protein or fat intake, because you decided that your body does not burn one of these. Eat everything in moderation, you need carbs for energy, proteins for building muscles and for tissue regeneration, and fat for brain development.

Do not starve yourself, as you will not lose weight. When you do that your hormone levels drop and your metabolism will go down.

Overtraining: Many beginners spend too much time in the gym, when these efforts fail to give them the wanted results; they just double the training and stop burning fat. They decide then that they just cannot build muscles no matter what.

Overtraining syndrome (OVT): It is characterized by feelings of fatigue and depression, it increases the cortisol levels (this hormone responsible of breaking down the muscle tissue), and also will decrease testosterone (so no more muscle building).

If you continue exercising beyond your body capability, you will just get OVT, you will not build muscles and you will not lose weight.

These are some tips to follow:

  • There should be a maximum of 5 workouts performed a week.
  • Every 8 to 12 weeks, take one week off from the gym, it will help rejuvenate the body.
  • It is right that you need to work out to build muscles, but do it gradually by increasing the weight and intensity every week, not every day.
  • Focus on each part of your body separately. You cannot just train all the muscles in the whole body at one time. Example: One day for the legs, one day for the shoulder, and one day for the abs.
  • All of the growth and improvements take place when you are resting after working.

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