Although a source of fat, sunflower seeds are ‘good fat’, and considered a super healthy food item. These health inducing seeds are cheap, available all year round and extremely nutritious.

Sunflower seeds have high levels of vitamin E, which is why they are very helpful in protecting the heart and the entire cardiovascular system from diseases and various other disorders.

Vitamin E is a very strong  antioxidant, which combats the presence of free radicals in the body, and so reduces the risk of developing cancer, atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke.

When the body is low in serotonin, depression, anxiety, tension and stress are common to develop. Serotonin is a type of neurotransmitter and it is processed by what is known as Tryptophan, an amino acid. Sunflower seeds contain Tryptophan which produces serotonin that relieves symptoms of depression, stress, and so on…

Sunflower seeds are also rich in magnesium, which apart from treating conditions like spasms, and muscle contractions, also helps in lowering risk of hypertension, asthma and migraines.

Last but not least, sunflower seeds improve the whole digestive system due to their rich content in dietary fiber that prevents many kinds of cancer, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer.

Fiber as you all know also treats constipation, a common condition to everyone.

Last but not least, how many calories are there in sunflower seeds?

Two tablespoons of sunflower seeds contain 45 calories, and these calories come directly from fat… But as I said before from the good healthy fat.

So do not worry, include one bowl of healthy sunflower seeds in your daily eating habits and benefit out of it.

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