The Acting Director General of the Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources, Ali Al-Farsi, has issued a decision to reopen the door to distribute subsidized fodder from Monday morning at the authority’s headquarters to ‘halal’ animal breeders.

Al-Farsi told a local Arabic daily the selling prices of fodder will decrease based on the new budget, after the success of the efforts of the Minister of Public Works and the Minister of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy Ali Al-Mousa, who is also supervisor of the authority, and in coordination with the Ministry of Finance to obtain its approval to increase the fodder subsidy to 20 million dinars, which will contribute to alleviating the suffering of breeders and protecting the livestock and red meat, in addition to ensuring price stability especially since this is a fasting month and demand for meat is big.

Al-Farsi revealed “the price of a bag of barley will be 5.25 dinars, after it was scheduled to be sold at 6.4 dinars before the budget was increased,” noting that “the high cost is a global phenomenon, but the government did not fail to support domestic animal breeders.”

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