The world annually records increasing numbers of deaths due to heat waves, driven by the exacerbation of global warming. However, a recent study pointed out the possibility of reducing these numbers by “one third” once tree planting is intensified in cities.

A study, the results of which were published in The Lancet magazine, indicated that expanding the vegetation cover in cities to 30 percent achieves a temperature reduction of half a degree Celsius during summer heat waves, reports Al-Rai daily.

The study called the term “heat islands” on cities and regions that count a limited number of trees, in reference to the concentration of heat in them, as afforestation is replaced by heat-retaining materials such as asphalt and building materials and warned of the consequences of the decline in vegetation cover in cities which cause more health diseases, such as heart failure and respiratory weakness.

Previous studies have shown that green spaces have health benefits, such as reducing rates of heart disease and mental disorders, in addition to improving the cognitive performance of children.

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