A group of high school graduates and Kuwaiti employees who wish to complete their university and postgraduate studies organized a sit-in in front of the Ministry of Higher Education headquarters to protest a set of decisions issued by the Ministry to restrict the employee’s freedom to complete his/her university and postgraduate studies except for a full-time study period despite the approval of the employer that the study does not conflict with the work.

The protesters called on the government and the National Assembly to take a serious stand and not toy with the future of the Kuwaiti citizen wishing to complete his/her higher studies to serve his/her country, stressing that education is a constitutionally guaranteed right and several rulings have been issued that contradict the decisions of the Ministry of Higher Education and its affiliated bodies, but without serious move to amend these decisions that contributed to depriving the citizen from completing his/her higher education.

The protesters were surprised by the silence of the members of the National Assembly on the “arbitrary decisions,” they said, which were issued by the Ministry of Higher Education.

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