Spanish television said on Monday that storm Dana struck Spain in the past hours, causing the death of one person and severe material damage in various areas. Torrential rains and strong storms struck the areas overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the regions of Castilla-La Mancha and Andalusia, also hit the capital region of Madrid, especially the southern part of it, it added.

The storm that intensified yesterday afternoon, Sunday, until dawn today, caused the death of a man who was stuck in his car in a town in Toledo governorate, where rain poured with force, destroying homes and bridges, it stated.

Madrid area recorded over 1,400 accidents over the course of last night, as rain flooded streets, homes, and subway stations, resulting in the disruption of train lines connecting the capital and the Andalusia region, also causing roads in Catalonia, northeast of the country, to be cut off and other areas, it explained.

The rain led to traffic jams, falling trees and branches, along with damage to vehicles, as water also submerged homes and commercial buildings in various areas of the Iberian Peninsula. The 0storms are expected to end this afternoon.

Source: KUNA

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