The latest statistics shows the Ministry of Health (MoH)employs 61,353 male and female employees including 28,279 Kuwaitis and 33,074 non-Kuwaitis — 9,762 doctors, 2,298 dentists (Kuwaitis 1,718, and non-Kuwaitis 580), 21,490 nursing staff (Kuwaitis 1,077, non-Kuwaiti 20,413), and 1,667 pharmacists (Kuwaitis 841 and non-Kuwaitis 776); 385 technicians, 605 assistant technicians, 11,585 administrators, 2,893 non-medical technical positions, 10,321 medical technical positions and 347 in the rodent control department.

The statistics, a copy of has been obtained by the Al-Anba daily, show the number of Kuwaiti doctors working for the MoH is 4,054, and 5,702 non-Kuwaiti of both sexes. The statistic show the number of Kuwaitis working in “medical” technical jobs is 6,272, compared to 4,049 non-Kuwaitis.

The number of Kuwaitis working in “non-medical” technical jobs is 2,674, and the number of non-Kuwaiti workers is 219; the number of Kuwaiti administrators is 11,078, and non-Kuwaitis 507; in supporting jobs Kuwaitis account for 510 employees of both sexes and non-Kuwaitis both men and women 95.

Regarding the technical assistant jobs in the Ministry of Health, the statistics showed that the number of Kuwaiti employees is 5, while the number of non-Kuwaiti employees is 380. The number of Kuwaitis working in the rodent control project is 354 and expatriates 2.

The statistics revealed 183 new Kuwaiti medical doctors have been appointed compared to 197 expatriate doctors, as well as the appointment of 77 new Kuwaiti dentists compared to 16 expatriate dentists, and 43 Kuwaiti pharmacists with no expatriate appointments. This is in addition to the appointment of 33 Kuwaiti nurses compared to 605 expatriates, and 1,300 Kuwaiti administrators and 20 expatriates.

The statistic stated 36 Kuwaiti physicians have tendered their resignation compared to 177 expatriates; 22 Kuwaiti dentists have also resigned compared to 8 expatriates; 40 Kuwaiti pharmacists have resigned against 12 expatriates, as well as 33 Kuwaiti nurses have quit jobs with no resignations among the expatriate nurses. Also 120 administrators have resigned with no resignations from expatriate administrators.

Nationality wise Kuwaitis topped the list of employees in MoH followed by Indians with 16,927 employees, Egyptians with 8,547 employees and Filipinos with 2,056 employees.

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