The Ministry of Finance, represented by the State Property Department, approves the municipality’s proposal to resell the plots of Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area by public auction after organizing and developing the plots (private housing – investment housing – commercial).

The Director of the Ministries Complex Department and the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Services Affairs, State Property Affairs and Legal Assignment Abdul Nasser Al Abdullah said in a letter to the municipality regarding the letter of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on August 25, which includes a request to study the options presented regarding the decision of the Council of Ministers in its meeting held on August 22 2022 regarding the proposal for the development of the northwest site of Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area, the resolution stipulates the following, reports a local Arabic daily.

First: The Council was informed of the memorandum submitted by the Kuwait Municipality regarding the proposal for the development of the northwestern site of the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area, and the visual presentation on the project to develop the northwest site overlooking the New Shaddiyah University (Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh).

Second: Assigning the Kuwait Municipality, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Public Works, the Ministry of Electricity and Water, and the relevant authorities, to complete the necessary studies and develop a common vision that ensures the treatment of all existing conditions in the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area, and tightening security control and regulation in all respects, infrastructure development, and providing the Council of Ministers results of the outcome within two weeks.

Al-Abdullah added that the results of the study led to a re-planning of the area; To be a distinguished upscale neighborhood, where several options were put forward to reinvest the area as follows:

First: Involving the private sector as a real estate developer. The private sector is developing the area differently from the usual areas, so that the area is divided into five plots close in number of plots, with the number of plots ranging between 306 and 385 plots with new housing styles, in addition to 30 plots of mixed use ( Commercial – offices – residential) overlooking the southern road, in addition to 8 commercial plots northwest of the site, which are malls and commercial markets, provided that these companies demolish and remove existing buildings and implement new advanced infrastructure for them and establish new housing within them, as the rehabilitation of infrastructure It will cost the state approximately 150 million Kuwaiti dinars.

Second: Reselling the plots after organizing the area by public auction.

It is worth mentioning that the most important results of the study carried out by the municipality to reinvest the area were as follows:

— Providing 1,838 housing units in a distinct area within the urban locality.

— Eliminating the problem of communal quotas, as it is the last area in which communal quotas are spread (communal quotas previously existed in the regions of Egaila and South Khaitan and were expropriated).

— Eliminating the security problem that is increasing and causing security concern in the region.

— Reducing the traffic burden on the surrounding internal and main roads.

— Creating the required balance for the demographics in terms of nationality, gender and age.

— Preserving the excellence of the region which includes important elements in the country such as the university, Jaber Stadium and the international airport.

— Utilizing blocks 19 and 20 to provide housing care, as they were expropriated due to the damage surrounding them, and a specific use for them has not been decided yet.

The delay in expropriating this area exacerbates its problems and increases the cost (the adjacent plots 19 and 20 were acquired at a price of 250 Kuwaiti dinars per square meter seven years ago, and the average price per square meter is 650 Kuwaiti dinars at the moment).

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