Sports health clubs for women has changed from the concept as just a place where the purpose of going is to lose weight, to a place for recreation, rest, relaxation, maintaining fitness, weight stabilization, treatment and rehabilitation for the elderly and sometimes for cosmetic services, but now they have become profitable projects if they are established and managed efficiently and have attracted the public, and the cost of establishing a specialized health sports club for women at a luxurious level is not less than one million dinars.

The women’s health club sector has witnessed a remarkable development in the local market, and companies specialized in this field are competing in various forms to provide distinguished services with international specifications, not to mention paying attention to the clubs’ designs, decorations and luxurious facilities, which are not devoid of extravagance and luxury to satisfy all tastes, reports a local Arabic daily.

A group of curators of women’s health clubs told the daily the demand for these clubs has increased significantly in recent years, and even doubled more after the Corona crisis by different age groups, knowing that there are conditions that must be followed in order for the women’s health club to succeed and consolidate its presence in local market.

Hassan Khaled Al-Sayegh, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Flex Resorts and Real Estate, said: “One of the most important challenges facing the sector is competition, but it always helps to develop, succeed and introduce new ideas, which is reflected in the increase in the number of subscribers.”

He went on to say, “We provide services For our subscribers, a variety of swimming, sports, special classes, weight training as well as exchange, and the competition is considered positive at the same time, as we cover 70 percent of Kuwait’s areas with our branches, and we try to satisfy all segments of society.”

He pointed out that the age groups that are keen on sports start from the age of 18 to the elderly, with the latter group focusing on therapeutic sports or rehabilitation at the hands of specialized coaches, explaining, “Satisfying all participants is a matter that requires effort by the management of any health club, in addition to the fact that Providing the necessary machinery and equipment for all age groups to meet their needs.

Regarding the subscription prices, he said that they range between 50 and 90 dinars per month. As for the special quotas, they depend on the quality of services, the number of quotas required and the time they take, calling at the same time not to exaggerate the subscription prices and to be in line with market levels.

He added: “Many clubs have high monthly commitments, from rents to salaries and high operating costs, which can be reflected in the levels of monthly subscription prices and be slightly higher from one club to another.”

Al-Sayegh pointed to the increase in awareness among 80% of society members of the importance of sports, regardless of the age of the person, especially after “Corona” which changed the lives of the majority of people and increased their health and sports interests, not only in Kuwait but in various countries of the world.

Regarding the success factors of any sports club, Al-Sayegh said: “The continuity of subscribers is a measure of success, not their number, as well as the size of the club’s annual subscriptions, the loyalty of these subscribers to it and their unwillingness to change it, as well as the extent of the modernity of the equipment, which is renewed approximately every two years, as well as the extent of the coaches’ experience and competence, whether In regular or therapeutic exercise.

For her part, Director of Flare Fitness Health Club, Thuraya Al-Hamrouni, said the volume of subscriptions to women’s health clubs increased to 95%, especially after the Corona period, as more interest in the health aspect increased after a large number of women were exposed to weight gain and loss of strength and fitness in general, along with psychological effect.

Al-Hamrouni pointed out that swimming pools are especially important for the participants, to strengthen the muscles and joints and achieve the required fitness. She said that Flare Fitness has a Olympic size swimming pool where participants can swim and exercise with ease and comfort.

For her part, the Director of Public Relations for the Spark Ladies Sports Club, Maryam Al-Babtain, said: “The goal of going to the health club is what determines the sports and nutritional schedule for the participant.” And also the extent of the participant’s background about the nature of the exercises in the club, and whether they need continuous supervision by specialized coaches.”

Here are 10 factors that determine the success of women’s health and sports club projects:

— Choosing a good location with a large and suitable area

— A dedicated team of female trainers with long experience

— Availability of modern sports equipment characterized by technological and smart specifications

— Ensure proper ventilation inside the club

— Designs and decorations necessary for the project

— Providing specialized departments for the sale of sports accessories, clothing and beverages

— Paying attention to advertising and correct marketing to attract subscribers

— Providing the necessary training and courses for work teams to ensure continued development

— An acceptable level of subscription prices commensurate with the services provided

— Providing valet parking service in crowded places

Age groups of subscribers

Al-Hamrouni divided the age groups of female health club subscribers as follows:

1 – 65% are between 13 and 40 years old

2 – 20% are between 41 and 50 years old

3 – 15% aged from 50 to 80 years

Sources working in the sector indicate that the subscriptions for treatment and rehabilitation classes constitute about 25% of the subscriptions of health clubs, which must be provided to serve them by qualified trainers who are familiar with the special exercises appropriate for each case.

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