The Employment Examination Center in Al-Sabah Health District suffers from severe overcrowding, despite the fact that the Ministry of Health organizes testing the employees through prior electronic reservation, but the overcrowding is because the examination of each worker takes hours, while the sponsors continue to wait impatiently for their turn.

A local Arabic daily which visited the center that serves the Capital and Hawally governorates saw the crowding from the moment the center opens for service and learned from the visitors that overcrowding is due to lack of proper organization of the service.

One of the visitors who did not give his name said, he has an appointment to examine his domestic worker, but there is a shortage of workers, in addition to the fact that the blood and x-ray devices are insufficient to the increasing demand as the workers to for medical examination are in their hundreds.

Another visitor said he was surprised that his worker was not examined in her home country and wondered how the Kuwaiti embassy document the worker’s visa to enter Kuwait, and did not verify her safety? “Who is responsible if she carries a contagious disease?”, he asked.

Yet another visitor said, despite prior appointments, the crowding is unusual, and it is “unreasonable for me to enter the center at 9 am and leave it at 12.30 pm, to examine my worker.”

He noted another catastrophe is that the results appear after two weeks, and this constitutes a great danger to the family, if the person is infected with any disease and called for increasing the number of workers in the examination center and increasing the efficiency of the devices to show results within 48 hours maximum to protect the society from infectious diseases, especially as “we are about to open up to bring in domestic workers and others.”

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