A reception was held at the residence of the Spanish Ambassador, H.E Miguel Moro to honor Maen Mahmoud Razouqi the former CEO of Kuwait Airways with the Spanish Civil Merit Medal. The medal was awarded in recognition of his contribution to strengthening the relationship between the two countries during his tenure as CEO of Kuwait Airways.

Speaking on the occasion Ambassador Moro praised the strong bilateral relations between the two countries but despite this a direct air link between the two countries have been missing for the past 40 years.

Despite this, thousands of Kuwaitis visit Spain annually for decades, purchasing properties and considered the most loyal tourists even though they have always had to travel via other airlines and countries due to the lack of direct flights.

He described Razouqi as a professional and dedicated person who loves Spain. During his tenure as CEO of Kuwait Airways, he reopened the direct air link between Madrid and Kuwait. The Madrid-Kuwait flight has become one of the most popular travel destinations, with 100,000 Kuwaiti tourists visiting Spain this summer.

The ambassador also added that Razouqi is not only a friend of Spain but also one of the biggest fans of Real Madrid, and he even owns a Cristiano Ronaldo shirt.

Awarding the medal to Razouqi symbolizes the importance both countries place on strengthening their relationship and promoting mutual understanding and cooperation. The direct air link between the two countries will undoubtedly boost tourism, business, and cultural exchanges, and will further enhance the cordial relationship and cooperation between Spain and Kuwait.

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