Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that a small rocket made by a Spanish company will launch into space within weeks. With this suborbital rocket, BLD Space aims to carry out up to four flights per year and possibly carry a payload into space and return it safely, according to the startup’s website.

According to Al-Rai daily Sanchez said “Your dream is shared by all Spanish society, because we have a common goal, which is to put Spain at the forefront of the space transportation industry,” the added

For his part, the company’s president, Ezquiel Sanchez, said that the launch of the missile demonstrated Spain’s capabilities in this sector.

He explained that Spain is showing its technological leadership in Europe by providing the capacity that may enable us to be at the head of the strategic sector of small satellites.

After MIURA1, the company plans to develop a small reusable launch vehicle in 2024, dubbed MIURA5, to put small satellites into orbit.

Launch pads are popping up all over Europe as the small rocket market takes off after decades of institutional dominance by national space agencies.

In addition to Spain, Britain, Portugal, Germany and Iceland have projects to put satellites into orbit.

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